Stop worshipping false idols

Abstract: Whether we like it or not, Idols makes idiots of us all... The joke goes a little like this: How do you know when Idols is on M-Net? When your dog scrambles under the sofa...Like Idols, there's a faint touch of reality to this joke. Apparently, dogs panic at the sound of other dogs howling in pain. Tomorrow, we know, about 3 000 children in sub-Saharan Africa will die of malaria. South Africa rather wants to know who's going to win Idols. The word 'perspective' pops into mind. I have been following the developments in Idols with disinterest. So called 'reality shows' just don't do it for me. Maybe it has something to do with the blatant lack of reality, or because my hackles rise whenever someone tries to dress up a Yorkie as an attack dog. But then I remind myself it's all

Suspending disbelief? Don’t you believe it.

Abstract: The intellectual downgrading of today's TV programming... There’s an advert on TV that is particularly infuriating. It features two attractive women standing next to identical washing machines positioned in the middle of an unbelievably uncluttered kitchen. One of the women is bemoaning her inability to remove a stubborn stain from a garment she has just pulled out of the machine. She obviously hasn’t realised her machine is neither plugged in nor connected to the water supply. I know what you’re thinking: it’s only an advert. But that’s the part that interests me – you know that the two women are fooling you, and yet you’re still expected to trust them. Not only that, but trust them to the extent that you will rush out and buy the product they say works without water or electricity. This means you must be gullible. There is of