The annoying and inspiring voice of women

Abstract: Women - the cause of all the trouble, the solution to a problem... It was quite a while ago that women were the cause of all trouble, and not so long ago that the very sound of their voices would curl your toes; but now they are deservedly stepping to the fore, and our future is tied very much in their throats. According to Greek mythology, Zeus was so incensed with man, that he sent something that would be man's great undoing: woman, and her name was Pandora. It's easy to chuckle at the far-fetched ramblings of the writers of Greek mythology, but let's not forget that according to the Bible, woman, represented by Eve, was the one that wreaked things for man in the Garden of Eden. As a result, millennia of Western and Middle-Eastern history have viewed women as second-class citizens,

When you can bet he’s going to cheat on you

Abstract: Mother nature has provided some clues to your partner's possible infidelity... For women concerned with the fidelity of their partner, history has provided them with little in the way of counsel. They have had to rely largely on religious texts and cultural prerogatives; which, given their historical foundation, have been largely skewed towards the preferences of men. But now women have a new tool in the fight against infidelity. It's called an 'ear bud'. If one were to find a phrase that accurately encapsulates our current technological zeitgeist, it would be 'there's an app for that'. Our modern lifestyle relies so much on connectivity and instant gratification that we are becoming increasingly reliant on the interfaces on our phones and computers that give us direct access to fulfilment. If we're looking for the latest news, we simply hit a button. If we want to

Why women suck at sport

Abstract: There's a hidden reason why women don't seem interested in sport... I remember the first time my wife beat me in a sport. We had recently got engaged and were playing squash, and she totally pulverised me. Some years later whilst enjoying our honeymoon in the 'berg she beat me at bowls. Later that same evening I challenged her to a game of pool. What happened? Suffice to say it's a game I no longer have the confidence to play. In fact, if I remember correctly I have a reason for no longer challenging her at putt-putt either. In my defence though, my wife is a former provincial hockey player and I have the hand-eye coordination of a rabid squirrel. But then my wife is not normal, because women normally shun the idea of playing sport, and it's quite possibly for a reason unknown

Why ‘love’ no longer has any meaning

Abstract: 'Love' no longer has any meaning, and women are, to a degree, to blame... According to popular culture, you should have been reading this two weeks ago; but if you had, it wouldn't have had any value. In fact, it would have been like what any wife thinks of her husband's opinion in an argument: without foundation. Poets, writers, and singers have, for thousands of years, made an impact expressing the emotions, trials and fortunes of love. However, I think it's fair to argue, the main focus has always been on what we could call 'young love' - the raw, deeply electrified passion that sparks between two people exploring each other for the first time. This period peaks when one or the other uses the previously unspoken four- letter 'L' word: 'love'. This word is then used to identify the nature of the relationship