Fairer sex? Yeah, sure

Abstract: There is nothing fair about the so-called fairer sex... Now that we're into the final week of Womens' Month, perhaps we can finally say goodbye to that phrase that has everything, and nothing, to do with women: the wholly inaccurate, grossly outdated and altogether condescending epithet: 'the fairer sex'. I can imagine you've gathered by now that I find the phrase 'the fairer sex' more than a little jarring. Every time I hear it being used it has the effect of someone tapping me very firmly on my forehead. It's not hurtful, but it is highly irritating and completely out of place in polite social discourse. Yet, it's somehow still hanging around, resolutely hooked into popular discussion; and it seems to be used, often a little too casually, to somehow encapsulate everything that is 'woman'. It worms its way into sentences such as, "We

So men only use 10% of their brains?

Abstract: I think we need to nip this one in the bud right away... If you nodded when you read this headline, then I'm afraid you must believe that a prince in Nigeria has left you a fortune and simply needs your banking details to make payment. You see this also an urban myth. However, it's one that masks an insidious undercurrent of dark forces, more attractive than your typical 419 scam, yet equally primed to rob you of your money. I overheard this gem one day while sipping a cappuccino and pondering upon the topic for my next column. Two women, flushed from a busy morning's shopping had collapsed into chairs at the table beside me. They were speaking loudly for no other reason other than to emphasise their frustration with the attention (or not) of a male shop assistant. It's at moments like

Turn down the din!

Abstract: You haven't realised it, but things are getting louder. I said, "You haven't realised it, but...!", oh, never mind... Imagine the scene...a romantic dinner with your spouse...no, wait; let's make it sexy...a romantic dinner with your lover. The food is simply scrumptious and you're both thrilled you chose a fine restaurant for your little tête-à-tête. The wine has a charismatic, zesty character, made all the more evident by the second bottle you're half way through; but there's something wrong...a horrible nagging, make that 'irritating', intrusion that's spoiling the moment. It's the shrill wail of Celine Dion coming from the speaker above you, and she's just the wedge. Many years ago, the radio station at which I was working employed a particularly dedicated senior technical manager. Every morning he'd come into the studio and ask if there were any problems, and most of the