Daryl Ilbury is a specialist in media consumer behaviour and strategic thinking. He draws on over 30 years’ experience as an award-winning broadcaster and writer, journalist, and author; as well as a degree in clinical psychology, a postgraduate HDE in clinical assessment and counselling, and a master’s degree in science journalism from City, University of London.

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“…His knowledge of radio, the vastness of his experience and his willingness to take radio into the digital age stand him in good stead to lead stations to greatness. His role either as a consultant, advisor or mentor will add great value to any company that seeks to win the war in ratings and revenue…”

Naveen Singh, Head of Radio, GMABC Accra

“…Daryl has the best work ethic of any radio talent that I know. His passion for the medium is unquestionable and as a former teacher, it is evident that he willingly shares over two decades of experience in the medium freely with his fellow professionals…”

“…many have benefitted from his selfless attitude and learned a great deal from Daryl…I would recommend him unreservedly for any role in radio from on-air talent, to programme management to talent coach.”

Omar Essack, Chief Executive Officer, Primedia Broadcasting

“…one of my best writers…”

Marika Sboros, former editor, Business Day Health News; Editor, Publisher, Foodmed.net

“…without a doubt one of this country’s most successful and respected broadcasters. This is evident by his enviable career and the impact he has made on the radio industry…he is also, more importantly, a natural leader…and has an uncanny knack of quickly assessing a situation or concern affecting the station and then offering viable and exciting opportunities…”

Gavin Meiring, Programme Manager, Jacaranda 94.2

“Daryl’s writing has the fine quality of being sagacious, witty and thought-provoking. If his forked tongue-in-cheek were a whip, it would make one mean crack!’

Robbie Stammers, Publisher, Forbes SA; former editor Leadership magazine, Insights Publishing

“…he displayed a particular knack of choosing topics that are pertinent to society and using his writing skills to convey his point with measured maturity and logic. He is extremely well-versed in world and current affairs, a strength which enhanced his writing, gaining him the respect of many readers, including those who didn’t necessarily agree with his viewpoint…”

Yasantha Naidoo, Editor, Sunday Times Extra, Times Media Group

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Interview with David O’Sullivan, KayaFM

On the morning of Tuesday 20 June, I had the opportunity to chat with David O’Sullivan, breakfast show host on KayaFM, 2017 SA Radio Station of the Year, about my latest book, ‘Tim Noakes: The Quiet Maverick’. David is a former colleague of mine from Talk Radio 702. More importantly for me, he is a…

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Blade Runner’s lesson for legacy media

Abstract: The future for mainstream media is in the sci-fi epic ‘Blade Runner’… In the opening scenes of Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi epic Blade Runner, we are hit with his vision of Los Angeles in 2019. It’s not pretty. Scott’s city of angels is dark and ominous, choked by the fumes from scores of refineries; the…

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A call for a change in palliative care

Abstract: A radical rethink is necessary around the provision of palliative care. In a world riven by intense religious protectionism, political disunion and cultural variance, it’s hard to imagine a perception or opinion that is shared by all humans. But there is something: an aversion to pain and the fear of death. Yet this is the…

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Crowd behaviour: united they stand

Abstract: Is there a link between the Arab Spring uprisings and the behaviour of market traders?… From Cairo to Tunis, demonstrators united by emotion, purpose and social media gather in their thousands to topple long-standing despotic regimes. Across the UK, crowds of a different temperament surge through summer streets, leaving behind them a trail of…

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Unlocking talent: delicate and dangerous

Abstract: The secret to radio’s survival sits in the chair behind the studio desk; the challenge is to unlock the talent… Most of the times I have been called in to work with on-air talent, it’s been because their PD (Programme Director) didn’t know what was wrong. Actually, they did, they just didn’t have a…

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